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Will I have enough BBQ

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I am hosting my wife's birthday and I'm making BBQ. I will have about 50 people give or take there and I will provide the BBQ and I want to know how much I will need. Right now I have 3 racks of baby back ribs and an 8lb shank ham. I am planning on getting 3 more racks of ribs and a Boston butt to do pulled pork. Do you think I have enough,to much or not enough.

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I tend to figure out about 1/2 a pound per person for pulled meat, and that will give left overs.
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I've got friends who will eat a rack by themselves, and whatever else you throw at them. My suggestion is to fill everyone up on Boston butts. The meat is cheap and if freezes well in case your guests arent of the gluttonous sort. Maybe do 3 8lb butts, the ham and the ribs.
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