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Pink Salmon

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My parents went to Alaska last summer and brought back a bunch of different fish, including pink (aka humpback) salmon.  Most Alaskan's consider these to be dog food, but those of us that live in landlocked states have to suffer through what we can.  This is actually the second one of these that I've done, and they are worth doing as often as possible.  


My brine was extremely simple.  The friend of ours in Alaska introduced my parents to Mr. Yoshida's sauce.  It is like a teriyaki but is perfect on salmon.  I poured a bunch over the fish yesterday, let it marinade for 24 hours, then pulled it out, put some sea salt on it, and put it on a cooling rack with some air movement over it for an hour.  Then I stuck it on the smoker with apple wood, starting slow and raising the heat slowly until it was 200*.  It only took 3.5 hours today to reach an IT of 140*, yet still managed to get a good smoke.  


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Looks darn good to me.  Thumbs Up

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Pink is pretty cheap at wallys. @4$ a lb. I smoke it sometimes. I found the skinless filets take very little brine time. Very good. They sometimes have it skin on too. The salmon run is pretty sparse here in fl. :o)
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Yeah, they are cheap. If my parents weren't already pulling their camper back with a freezer in it, they probably wouldn't have even fished for them. They aren't the best salmon, but smoked they are good and then turn that into a dip and is great.
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