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need advice on eye of the round roast

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i read a bunch of older threads and didn't find the exact info i would like to have.  first of all i am one of those guys that thinks medium rare is on the done side.  a friend of mind use to do a eye of the round that was some more rare and good. gonna try to smoke one and hope for the best. i have a mes30 and a AMNPS providing the smoke. any advice or suggestions on heat setting, it or anything else to achieve my gold would be appreciated..thanks in advance....

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I have done a bunch of MES eye rounds with the AMNPS. I've used a blend and just straight hickory for pellets and they were both great. I too like roast beef rare so I pull it at 125 IT. It's pink wall to wall and because you are smoking at such a low temp there really isn't much carryover cooking especially of you don't wrap it in foil or tent it or anything. Try 225 the whole way, then let it cool on the counter, stick it in the fridge and slice it thin the next day. Hope this helps!
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it certainly does, exactly what i was looking for.  gonna have it for the main course for dinner. what we don't eat will go into the fridge for sammies another day.  thank you so much...

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If you want it to stay in the smoke longer you could cut the temp to 200. Other than that @worktogthr has you covered.

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thanks but i don't think i will need any more smoke. this AMNPS 5x8 is like a smoke stack. gonna stay at 225 and see what happens.  

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Make sure you share some pics! Can't wait to see how it turns out!
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At 225, you'll be done in a couple hours and it may be enough smoke. I do mine running the pit at 180, and take them to our preferred IT temp of 130-135. Foil, rest, slice. Depending on wood used the smoke is pretty mild. Which is what we like.
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it turned out great. i did get a pic. will try to download and post tomorrow.

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don't know if this will fly or not, but i got three pics in photobucket i am going to try to upload. the first will be the start. lets see what happens..

nope didn't work...sorry.

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ok, well maybe i can. two more to come...

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took it up at 133 or so. after a rest it ended up here..

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and wa-la. perfect. i don't know what was better, when we had it for din or when i made a super sammie at lunch today... thanks again for all that helped me..

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You should let it cool loosely tented in foil to stop the caryover action and then wrap and rest. I actually take mine out at 120 and it coasts to 135 or so. Looks good though just a little well done. Will still make some awesome french dip or philly sammies.

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i can assure this pic only makes it look done. it was anything but, the perfect rare to me...

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Glad it turned out well! I have some Vaccuum packed in my freezer. Time to thaw it out and make some sandwiches!
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Looks Good    I'd like some !!




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I am a rare fan, also.  I would smoke at 180 and pull it at 125, there will be very little carry over.  Then I'd let it rest for about 30 minutes, or until the interior temp has stopped climbing, and then sear it hot in a 550 degree oven(15 minutes or so) or all sides on a hot grill.  Then let it rest again and cut thin.  

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Looks delicious, JB! Nicely done!! icon14.gif

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