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First ever beef brisket

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I am new to smoking and have been reading lots and smoking for about 2 moths.
So last night i started my frist brisket. I dry rubbed and wrapped and put in the fridge. At about 930pm i started the smoker with hickery smoke and after getting preheated to 240 degrees i put the brisket in (9.25lbs). At about 2am it hit 165 degrees and hit the stall at 715 it finaly climbed to 167 degrees and 15 mins later it went to 169 degrees waiting for it to get to 170 degrees and pulling to wrap in tin foil and back in till tooth pick tender i hope around 195 to 200 degrees Will add photos just wondering if i should put bar b q sauce on when i tinfoil amd lit back in???

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Well that did not take long after the stall at 715am it jumped to 167 defrees and then by 745am it was at 172 defrees. Pulled out dauced a little and wrapped and back in again

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Beautiful Color so far  looking good     I'll be watching   Thumbs Up



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It did drop 2 degrees when i wrapped and put back in so i hope it gets going again soon. Lol i have a bunch of drinking buddies waiting for this Were haveing i big feat around 2
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Looks good from here . Will be good with Sauce. :biggrin:

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Just pulled it out if the smoker at 203 degrees wrapped in towels and in a cooler will post pics later of the done product
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Looks great so far-nice color! let us know how it turns out!
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Looks good so far. Keep the pics coming.

Happy smoken.


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So after 12.5 hours in the smoker and 3 hours resting in the cooler here is the final product

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That is a thing of beauty! Got a tear in my eye. Congrats on a hugely successful smoke, nice job!
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Nice Job  Looks Fantastic  :Looks-Great:







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Nice job on the brisket. 


Keep them coming.

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Looks great!! icon14.gif I hope it tasted as good as it looked! Nice first brisket!

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