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Smokin' Away!!

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Well here we go....    Smoked these Rainbows yesterday along with some sweet corn on the cob we got last fall and cleaned and vacuum packed.  First pic is on the smoker and the second is the finished product.  Tasted fantastic!! I was in awe of how good smoked trout were compared to fried or baked ones taste. The corn was pretty darn good too if I may say so myself, lol.




More smokin' to follow...

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YUM ! We love smoked trout !
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Here we go with day #2.

Smoked a rib rack, ham steak and potatoes today.  As I expected, they were all GREAT!!!!  The ribs turned out fall off the bone and suck the bone dry as I had hoped they would.  I've spoiled myself doing ribs in a dutch oven and was hoping I could make them just as good with the smoker.  These were just as good in my opinion.  Did the 3-2-1 method with both meats and did the potatoes for 2-1/2 hrs.  The first one is in the smoker when they were finished, the other two are the finished products cut and ready to snarf!!!






Now to see what I smoke up next weekend...

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Nice ! icon14.gif
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Great job, everything looks fantastic! Thanks for posting, David.

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Thanks!  I was hoping they would look as good as they taste.

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Originally Posted by hambone58 View Post

Thanks!  I was hoping they would look as good as they taste.

They look awesome, so I'm guessing they were quite tasty ! icon14.gif
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They were FANTASTIC!!!  I love trout, but these were the best I've ever ate in my life!  Can't wait to do some more this weekend or next.  Thanks for the compliments!

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