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Texture is all on you, I mean what do you like? Its why we make our own. I use short grain because it has more starch. But when showcasing a specific meat like a good BBQ's smoked pulled pork, long grain which is dryer is better IMHO And grinding is a distinct possibility. See what I mean, its all about what you want. I have had fancy perfumed rice, don't care for it, well it was ok one time in a rice pudding. Again, its about what you want to try.


Some folks mix it all together then grind it all, add some water and stuff it from the grinder.  There is an infinite possibility here. LOL... Unless I am doing the basics I doubt I ever did  any two the same.


The only ones I that I have done that I didn't love, I still enjoyed eating. 


Its just leftovers in a handy carrying case.