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Prime rib dino ribs

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Cooked these up tonight, I read 3 hours or so around the 225 mark however took them off and they were quite medium, not tug off the bone style.

I Figure I could have easily put them on for at least 6 hours and probably closer to 8.

I also put on a picnic roast below but the temp was steady throughout the cook even with the latch breaking off about 10 minutes before the cook! Had to do emergency surgery!
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They do look tasty sitting on that smoker. My experience is that beef ribs like that need 5-7 hours at that low a temperature and might benefit from a 3-2-1 typed cook. The foiling just seems to get them super tender. It's like brisket on a stick.
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I actually didn't foil them this time around, read some conflicting reviews. Here's a pic after I put them on for another 3 hours almost, should have listened to my common sense not my gut! lol


Here's the end results:



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That looks perfectly fall off the bone tender-nice and moist as well! You got me hungry for some Dino ribs now! Thanks for posting, David.
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Tasty looking bones. I always figure 5-6 hours running the pit at 225-230. Beef ribs do benefit for the braise phase when cooking them. I typically do the 3-2-1 method for beef ribs.
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Those look real good Noel !!Thumbs Up


Mighty Tasty!!:drool:drool




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NN, Nice job on the ribs !

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