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Cheesy Bacon Bombs

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Yeah i made some.


Use Google for the link recipe






Cut the biscuits in 1/4, add smaller chunk of cheese.


The 2 CBBs on the lower middle have 1/4 cut biscuit, not as much dough expanding. Yeah and some fry bread



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drool.gif Wow that sounds good.
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Looks tasty!
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ok, what is that and how did you make it? are they fried? smoked? I must have one, they look great!!! pleeeeease post recipe.

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You will need the following


1 pack pilsbury flaky layers biscuits

your choice of cheese




quarter the biscuits

cut the cheese into 3/4x3/4" squares, wrap the biscuit around the cheese. Wrap bacon around cheese stuffed biscuit and use toothpick to secure bacon. Fry in canola oil until biscuit is golden brown. The dough will escape from open areas of bacon that is wrapped around the dough.

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Rick they look great 

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