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I like big butts

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Been a while since I've done my first one and since I have posted. Going after my second butt with a 10 lb er. First one turned out good but there is always room for improvement. I'll be putting it on the mes30 about 3 in the morning.

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Nice butt! I'll be watching :popcorn


Nothing planned for this weekend here, so I'll be doing a lot of watching..

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    I hope the breeze is from the north so I can wake up to the smell of pork button the smoker!



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Weeeee doggies! Thats a pretty butt!

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I am not an early morning person. 3 am is wayyyyy to early for me but I make exceptions for something good like this. Put it on at about 3:50. Now let the waiting begin. Rubbed it down some more after sitting in fridge rubbed down for 6 hours.

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BF15, I'm in, it looks rubbed to perfection!:icon_biggrin:

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So I have my mes30 a little over a year now. I have never had a thermometer of any sort except one of the forks you can buy at bed bath beyond. I finally broke down and bought an Igrill2 after quite a few months of reading reviews between it and Mavericks along with being tight and not wanting to drop the money. Although my main cooks are small items like chops and wings, I am glad I made this purchase for my second go at a big item like this butt. It appears my smoker is off about 20 degrees. Been fighting with it this morning to get it dialed in to a constant temp range of 225-235 and to do so I had to set smoker temp at 250. Been holding steady in that temp range for an hour now.

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5 hours in and I'm salivating

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Nice start and good info on the Temp profile. Waiting on the end Q view.:popcorn

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16 hours later and we are done. Waiting on the lady to get home from work so I can grub. Doesn't mean I haven't been nibbling in the mean time.

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That was really a nice looking butt, and I have to say I think you did it justice!


Nice bark! The bride is gonna be happy with you!

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Fine looking pork, Sir.



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That's some nice looking Pulled Pork,  Great Job  Thumbs Up




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