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Preppin my brisket

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Picked up a 5.52lb flat brisket. Some Montreal steak seasoning and brown sugar processed into a dust, coated both sides and have been massaging the mixture into the brisket every half hour.
Gonna let her sit overnight and throw it into the cooker tomorrow.
More to follow.......
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I'm in :popcorn 


What's your game plan?

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I'm in for the show . Coffee.gif


What temp. and are you gonna  wrap :icon_question: 


Be patient  . . .

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 Should be good.



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I have a bbq guru onyx oven, going for 225 oven temp with no charcoal, gonna try white oak and a bit of hickory wood. Thinking 4-6 hrs, then wrap it w foil for another approximately 2 hrs. Gonna give her another rub of dust tomorrow morning before the cook.
This is my first brisket attempt, but this recipe and method is what my cousin does and it's always amazing.
We will see..
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Best of luck,I'll be watching as well!icon14.gif
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Brisket is officially started.
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and the next posts says....

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Didn't forget about us I hope  :popcorn

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Food coma?
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Sorry for the delay in posting the results.
I could cut the brisket with a fork. Doneness was perfect for my taste, I believe I went a bit heavy on the seasoning but it was still delicious!
The poppers turned out fantastic also.
So all in all, I'm pleased with my first brisket attempt!
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