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The needle valve can go anywhere in the line between the regulator and smoker inlet. It don't care.

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I'm going to put it right after the regulator just because it will be easer to reach.

because I have my Propane stubbed out of a "wall" .



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Anywhere after the regulator. But most of us have installed it at the point where the hose attaches to the smoker gas control knob. This makes it much easier to adjust the flow while watching the flame on the burner without having to go adjust & come back to the smoker, go adjust again and come back to the smoker, etc., etc.,

Here is how my valve is set up on my gasser:

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I did not think of that aspect. I guess trial and error will be the best bet.

My smoker is with in arms reach of the regulator. If I put it at the regulator end I wont have to buy any more fittings. if that doesn't work Ill just move it to the smoker end of the hose.



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