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The new Weber "Texas"

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I just got back from the factory where my new Weber "Texas" is almost ready for delivery


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How big of a tamale pot is that going to take to make a "mini?" ūüėČ
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SWEET! Spatchcocked steer anyone?

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Hello Mate.  WE CAN DO THIS!  Mount a boom on the side on a pulley connected to an electric motor by a belt.  Couple pulleys on the boom and an electric winch.  Use the winch to lift the lid and the electric motor to turn the boom to swing the lid out of the way.  Concrete reinforcing bar for the grill grate and some expanded metal for the cooking grate.  A few Weber vents in bottom and lid and we are away!  Well, we would need to attach a walkway with handrail all the way around so I could actually see over the top by HEY! it CAN be done.  :icon_biggrin:  Keep Smokin!


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You might want to stock up on charcoal next time HD has some on sale!!! You'll probably need 80 to 100 lbs to fire that puppy up...
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Wade ya made me smile..... Thank you.


I was making jokes before I got to the thread and saw the picture......

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 If you put the fire underneath,  it'll make a heck of a hot tub!

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I think I see the middle section of your new WSM in the background.... :biggrin:


Just put a ramp next to it and you can walk the pig right onto the grates and close the lid.

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