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smoking a chuck.. tomorrow!

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Hey everybody,
After recommendations from people on here, I decided to smoke a chuck tomorrrow. Just looking for some added info...

a good rub mixture?
time/weight ration for length of the cook? Or a target temp?
when should I wrap in foil?

Anything else would be great!
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Treat a Chuck just like you would a Butt. 2 hours per pound, 2 hour rest. I find that I like just SPOG on my Beef. I usually like to inject creole butter in my Chucky if I have it on hand. But that is just me. I foil at 170 myself and find that it is best somewhere after 205 internal. There is quite a lot of gristle and stuff to break down in there so I take it to like 208, wrap and rest just like PP. Last few I just finished in the crock pot after I got to 170. I think Chuck does benefit from a little braise more than Butt does. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Make sure you save your drippings to defat and add back in. Ok that is all I have for you. Have a nice day.

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Like timberejt said!


Here's one I did.


Chuckie- Lots of Qvue

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