New MES Gen 1 30 owner.

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So, my MES will be showing up tomorrow.  But I have a small problem.  With talking to the guys in the fire marshal office, they went on the side of saying that I should not use my MES on my apartment patio (fire code issues).  They said that even though it's an electric smoker that the wood chips could still ignite and if someone complained, it'd be a fine.


I'm wondering if anyone has used liquid smoke in their smoker in place of wood (I know, not the best).  But it's either that or eat shipping costs and return it.


Tough decisions.

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That sounds absolutely absurd.  Even if the tiny amount of chips caught fire nothing would happen to the patio.  You're in more danger of an electrical fire from some other, sanctioned, device.  Are you allowed to have gas grills, or is no grilling allowed at all?  I ran my MES in an apartment for a few years, nobody complained.  


If you can't run smoke in it, then you might as well cook in an oven.  You could skip the chips and run with sawdust or pellets in an A-MAZE-N smoker.  

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Law here is, your not even supposed to have a grill (gas/wood/etc) in the apt, even if you are just storing it.  Funny thing is, the law also states that you can fire up a grill 5ft away from the building.


I'd much rather use the MES since at least the 250f heat source would be on my patio and not warming up my apt for 10+ hours in the summer.


Austin is also turning funny.  There are now people complaining about the BBQ smoke (though, it being from the restaurants) and they are trying to get the city to add laws about smoke.


Already ordered one of the A-MAZE-N smokers last night.

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If that's the case, you probably can't have anything. Maybe get an indoor pressure cooker/smoker.
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Electric powered on the patio are fine,  Been using my Weber Q1400 out there. 


\The fire code says something like the main fuel can not be wood or gas.  The MES would be fine.  I'd think even if using wood in it. 


I think returning the MES would be kinda costly due to weight and I assume I'd also have to pay more for over sized box.

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I don't see why not.  Post some pics of your first cook.  

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just invite your neighbors to your cookout"smokeout"after they eat some they won't complain.but you'll probably have to invite them to all of them.just kidding, good luck

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If you are using an MES 30 with an AMNPS it will generate so little smoke that I doubt anyone will notice. Just light one end of the AMNPS instead of both.


If you have true TBS (thin blue smoke) than it should disappear once it is a few feet out of the vent.

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Seasoning has started.