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spare ribs

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Well I rubbed down a rack Friday night was going to smoke them Saturday but ended up cutting down a big tree so I never had time. So I'm smoking them tonight haha. It's cold and rainy took about 2 lit chimneys and an unlit to get it to temp.
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Apparently I didn't get the pic of the rub down. So you will have to wait for the finished product
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Let us know and see how they turn out please sir! Thumbs Up

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Not as much smoke as I like but still good no foil this time. Used cherry/hickory
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There was meat on the ribs I was debating about cutting off but I figured if it wasn't any good I wouldn't eat it. I think they just didn't trim it very good it was almost like a pork chop consistency a little dry. Anyone ever have that
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What temp did you smoke at   AND is your temp gauge accurate ?



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225 and yes its accurate. It wasn't the ribs that weren't tender it was a hunk of meat hanging off of the ribs
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Was it a chunk of loin still on the rib that dried out?
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was it just a boneless flap left on the end of the ribs,if so it's common with the sheet rib, it dries out pretty quick and becomes backs won't have that flap.

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I took that "flap", which I think is called the SKIRT?, and cut it off my spares.

I took it and rubbed it, rolled it up, and stuck a toothpick in to hold it together.

On one of the steps in the 2-2-1 method it looked done, so I pulled it off.

Can`t really recall how long it had been on, running a pretty constant 250, but man....

it was a pretty tasty snack while waiting on the main event to be done. 

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Yup sounds like "the flap" must of been it
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