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CG Akorn

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Its here




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New toys are always fun! I have been considering purchasing a Kamado type grill.Will be interested in what you think

of the quality and results.  Good for you Rick

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I want one !!!
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Congrats on the new Q toy Rick ! Enjoy ! icon14.gif
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Thanks y'all


With my 10% off and couple of gift cards i got it out the door and a cover for $209

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Originally Posted by nepas View Post

Thanks y'all

With my 10% off and couple of gift cards i got it out the door and a cover for $209

Sweet deal.
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Congrats Rick
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Congrats, I have had an Akorn for about 3 years now. You will love cooking on it, it's so efficient you hardly use any charcoal. It will take a little while to get your temp control down pat but that's part of the fun.

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Got it put together. Grates washed and oiled down. Burn in at 400* and some smoke.





Chicken 1st

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now that's a pretty of luck with it....I just don't agree with their logo....'always well done'......Willie

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+1 for what Willie said.

I think they mean "always done well" and didn't stop to consider what a bunch of grillers and smokers would make of what they said.
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If you roll it around make sure you use the catch latch! 😉 my boss didn't know and he dumped one all over the floor and was like why didn't you tell me that. I said well I didn't know you couldn't read the label saying that! After the fall it still looked in good shape besides a little dent by latch but I don't think it affected the seal at all in.
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I have been weighing my options for buying a new grill for about a year now. I have never cooked on charcoal and have always used gas. I have not made the purchase due to being afraid of making a choice I will not be happy with especially with the switch from gas to coal. The Akorn has been top on my radar for a new grill and for possibly going the charcoal way due to its versatility and great reviews. I have a mes30 smoker but would like a natural smoker as well which the Akorn would cover. I would also be investing in the pizza stone as most people, during my research, seem to use it to displace the heat with smoking along with me and the lady have been itching to make our own pizzas. I'll hang on to my gasser just for quick things like dogs and brats. Making this move even more tempting is Lowe's has it for $269 through 5/11 which is $30 off normal price and $20 below Walmarts price. Also found a 10% coupon online to sweeten the deal and makes my urge to pull the trigger even greater. Ahhh...... the 1st world struggles of life. 

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Do it and you will never look back. Once you go charcoal you will never again be satisfied with the flavor from a gas grill. Get an 18 inch Weber replacement grill when you get your Akorn. The Weber grill will sit on the mounts for the ceramic diffuser and allow you to place drip pans and such under the main grill. I recommend the Akorn diffuser myself, there are other options many guys use but the ceramic one from Akorn works well for me. For Pizza I use the diffuser in it's regular place and I have some fire bricks that I put on the main grate, then put my Pizza stone on top of them. This get the pizza up higher in the gril,l so that the top cooks at the same time as the bottom. If your dough has sugar or honey in it, then limit your temps to 500° of less to keep the dough from burning. My local pizza place probably thinks we have died. We went there every week and we havent been back since I got my Akorn.

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New toy. Gonna take a lot of getting good used too being fist time ever dealing with charcoal. Got her on the maiden seasoning run now. Smoked wings to come later tonight.

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Congrats, you will love it.

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Bama Fan, where did you get the 10% coupon from? Might look into one of these tomorrow. Thanks

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Originally Posted by Kadoka View Post

Bama Fan, where did you get the 10% coupon from? Might look into one of these tomorrow. Thanks


For this to work you would have to make the purchase online. I went here you have to replace all of the (x's) with numbers. Some say it takes them multiple times, but I go it on the first time.  There is is also a deal I found last night to get $50 off a $250 ( purchase which would have saved me a few more dollars had I known about it. I am not gonna complain over roughly $10. 

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