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Spatchcock or Beer Can????

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unsure.gifGoing for a really good whole chicken smoke and thought I`d run it by you folk.

Never done either way and I`m sure each way has it`s merits, but which gives me the best chance at a home run-Spatchcock or Beer Can????

Ball park time @ 220-250??

I`ve done thighs with apple wood and they were pretty tasty, still have a bunch, so I would use it again.

Side question, just where would I stick the remote thermometer probe???


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Though BCC will always have a place on my smoker.......

Anymore I tend to lean towards a spatchy ! Some folks brine & some don't.... I like to brine when I can... I like Tips Slaughterhouse Brine, it's really tasty & makes for a moist bird ! Brine a day in advance if ya can....

IMO, ya can smoke birds at a higher temp say round 300-325* ! Apple is a great wood for poultry & it absorbs smoke real easy ! Most probe birds in the breast & 165* IT is the safe minimum temp !

For a crispy skin, pull off smoker a bit shy of IT & toss on a hot grill or even your oven with the broiler for just a few minutes....
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