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All of your thoughtful prep work paid off very well.   Love the color of the Kielbasa and the money shots make me want to grab some!!!  Very good thread.  :points:Reinhard

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Dave, CONGRATS it looks like a mighty fine batch!  No complaints about ANY of that.



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Those look great.  I have saved the recipe.  Now I just need to find the time to make them.

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Looks great. My favorite kind of sausage. Thumbs Up

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Terrific Keilbasa and terrific thread.





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OH MAN!!!! Looks sooooo Good Dave !!!!



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nice job!  looks tasty!

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Did you water bath these to get them to keep their shape? What were the temp step ups at each hour? How many hours of smoke/total cook time? After doing some reading elsewhere, it said you should never go over 160 pit temp, otherwise you risk having fat render and drip out, however, I get the impression your casings were solid enough at that point it wouldn't matter? 1 more thing: How do you measure IT on this? Probe inserted into the end of a link the entire time, or probe the side of a link towards the end? Also, could you eat this as is, or do you have to fry it? Sorry about all the Q's, I just want to do this right.  Thanks EDIT: I emailed weber and they said that rack is rated for 33lbs of meat. So got my answer regarding that..

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