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Beer Brine

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I love to brine/marinade my meat before cooking and I know beer is a meat tenderizer. I've only used Guinness with pork but looking to exprand my repertoire of what beers to use. I want to know ideas for pork, beef, chicken, turkey and other meat you menjoy BBQing/ Smoking.
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I've noticed that no one has answered this and I probably won't be much input.  I've only used water, fruit juices, Guinness (or stouts), and wine (red and white) to brine and braise.  A hefeweizen would work nicely with pork or chicken I imagine.  Might have to give that a try, though it is my favorite beer and I usually just drink it.  

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I've never even thought about brining with beer. But if it makes a chicken as happy as it makes me, I might just give it a go! LOL. Thanks for the idea, David.
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Not necessarily brining, but my buddy smoked some chicken quarters in a pan with an IPA and it was fantastic. So maybe that would lend itself to a brine as well.

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I use beer a lot as a brine. Bacon,hocks,beef tongue. I 50/50 with water,add salt brown sugar,cure 1, bay leaf,cut up oranges,coriander seed.
It works do well I haven't bothered trying much else. I use cheap beer,mostly black ale but not always.
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Hi Ray

I have always brined my Thanksgiving Turkey and usually used a 6 of a good Belgian Triple, it did add some flavor for sure and I bet a good Hef would do the same thing, last Chickens I did besides all of the other goodies I used some bud lite and it does add to the flavor of the meat. Give it a shot

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