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Hello Everyone / My new Baby

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Hi Everyone


I am a new Poster here, But I have been lurking for a long time.  I'm up here in the great white north eh. In my opinion smoking and curing are a dying art, just not on this forum, lol. So I'm trying to keep traditions alive, so I can pass some knowledge onto my kids one day. Just built my new smoker over the winter, far cry from the cedar box I started out with. Look forward to learning a great deal more from you here.









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Just stumbled on this thread and am amazed at the polish on the inside of that door and frame!

Don't know much about electric fired smokers, but do you put wood chips in the rack above the burner?

Good looking vittles you got going there.

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Good looking smoker....

Think about a drip catch pan under the exhaust stack.... Sometimes condensate will drip on your food..... Ugly and tastes bad.....
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Thanks SmokeJumper, I used 300 series mirrored stainless steel for the inside. At the side of the smoker I built a Cold smoke box and attached a Bradley Smoke Generator. The element is for controlling my temp.


Thanks for the advice Dave. I had some drips on my last smoke so I'm currently fabricating a drip pan

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