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Temp issue...

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So, I'm probably going to be putting together a couple fatties for Sunday, but am a little concerned about my smoker temp.  In the past, I've gone the 225-230 route to smoke the fatties.  My smoker (a Masterbuilt propane vertical) runs hot...when I did ribs and chicken a few weeks ago, I was running about 270 when it got up to temp (and that was as low as it would go).  I'm going to play around with trying to keep the heat down, but the main question is:


If I'm cooking to temp, what's the downside of running a couple fatties at 270 until the inside gets to 165?



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nuthin''re only 20 degrees +/- a few from what used to be considered the 'optimal' low & slow temp of 250. 225 (IMO only) seems a tad low. Many smokers are now running a little more 'fast & furious' ala Myron Mixon style and getting good results hard & fast rules....Willie

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