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Large beer butt chicken

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So I picked up 15 chickens from a local Hutterite colony, expecting the typical 2.5-3 pound chicken. Last order we had a couple larger ones in the 3.5 pound range. I really like 'em they are free range, and not "pushed" to kill weight. These new ones, well they were a tad larger. The smallest was 6.25 pounds! 15 of them and a 20 pound turkey, eats up a pile of freezer space!


So brined over night, then dried and rubbed. used a lager , and added some rub spices in the beer. finally picked up a rack, and found this little cake form pan, that suits this purpose perfectly! Smoked for an hour, then upped the heat. Basted every 1/2 hour, stopping the skin from burning, but wow, did it turn out crispy! Pulled when temp hit 185* Flavor was great, crisp skin, nice moist white meat, and buttery soft juicy dark.


Sorry, didnt get pics of it carved.. Didnt last long. ;)

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Nice looking bird , but let us know more details like -temp. Smoked at , and the temp. you kicked it up to , the spices you used in the Beer , and the type of


Smoker/Grill you used.


Just curious , have fun and . . .

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I did a very simple salt/sugar brine. Just to accent flavor, and not infuse any spice flavor. In the rub I used salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, thyme and sage. rubbed the bird with lemons, then the spices. In the beer can, about 2/3 full, I added about a Tbsp of the spices, and 2 tbsp lemon juice.


Smoked at 160 for an hour, then bumped to 280 for an hour, and 325 to finish. in the baste, I added lemon juice with the drippings from the bird.

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Again.. Sorry if I'm in the wrong spot for questions.. My first time to join a forum.. Have a new wrangler and looking for tips on controlling the temp and what size logs I should be using and good spot to get accurate temp Reading. Thanks
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BB, Nice looking bird!

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Bird turned out great. Thanks for the post.

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