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Wrangler Maintenance

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Got a few question regarding my Wrangler. Hopefully you experts have some answers for me :) I bought an Old Country Wrangler about a year ago. It shipped with one of the hinges on the door snapped off. I will post a pic. I typically just rest the door behind the snapped part if that makes sense.  I called them to see what they would do. I live in Iowa, and it came from Texas. I needed the smoker that weekend and didn't have time to send it back. So they refunded part of the purchase price and completely refunded the shipping cost. I was wondering if it looks like something that could be re-welded? If that's even a term. Also, I peeled the sticker off and it left residue that still remains. I haven't really tried to get it off but should I use water? I'm worried about rust. Lastly, in Aaron Franklin's video on smokers he has the smaller version of the Wrangler. In the video, which I will post, his smoker looks a lot more "shiny" than mine. Even when mine was brand new it didn't have much shine. Can anyone tell if they think he treated it or added something to the outside? I think it looks sharp. Anyway thanks in advance!


Here is the snapped hinge. I was none too pleased. 


The sticker I am referring to is the one on the upper left. 

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You can re-weld it no problem, as for finish they may have used flat black or a satin finish   You can re-paint it with a high temp Gloss



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 @gary s has you covered on this one.

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For the glue and residue from the sticker, you can remove it with paint thinner and a scotchbrite pad. If the paint is fully cured (1 month plus) the thinner will not affect it. When you are done, wash with soap and water to neutralize the oils and solvents from the paint thinner.

Not much pressure is required on the scotchbrite pad, just keep it wet with the thinner. This has always worked for me. Joe
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Best thing to remove glue residue is WD 40. Safe for paint too!

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Or Goo Gone, great stuff!

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