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Food looks fantastic and looks like everyone had a great time.  Caption for your picture, We Need to find Some Real beer!

Awe it's Shiner's Ruby brew. It was pretty good. I'm a fan on Shiner Bock. We of course has a Pale Ale and Peanut Butter Porter home brew on tap at the house. Ruby is my daughter's name and who was Baptized that morning, so it played into the party nicely. Thanks eman!

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Shiner bock the offical beer of the Universtity of Texas


Personally I like Lonestar also, its the lightest beer I ever drank, its almost like drinking clear clean mountain spring water.


But I have been known to consume a few six packs of Shiner.


Galvanized wash tub, cases of longnecks, chipped blocks of ice....... My gwad man, thats right up there with the American flag, Fourth of July,  Mom's apple pie and the cute little girl next door.


Someone slap me before I start singing "God Bless America"!



Shiner Texas.......

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Damn Foam, I'am ready to stand and sing with ya!

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Great Pics, Rickey!!Thumbs Up


Sorry I'm so late!!!


Looks like everybody ate well !:drool


Good thing you didn't have any Lone Star.:icon_rolleyes:




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Rickey, this looks like great food and a great time. Nice.



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Holy wow! I love that tool! And what fantastic food and family and fun! You know how to kick back! BRAVO! This is fantastic! I want to get such a machine!!! Cheers! - Leah

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Boy thats one heck of a party wore him out for over a week! I bet he has the good pictures with folks dancing on the tables hidden....LOL

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