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Pork butt and brisket.

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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for some advice. I have a vertical electric smoker and I've done numerous brisket smokes and chicken but never pork. I have a 6 lb brisket and 5 lb boneless pork butt that I'm looking to smoke and have finished around the same time to serve. Any advice? I'm preparing now to smoke at 225 degrees for 7-8 hours. All responses and advice is welcome. Thank you!!
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2 hours per pound plus a two hour rest. 12 hours. Minimum. Could be more could be less. Don't make the classic mistake of not giving yourself enough time. Pulled pork keeps hot wrapped in foil and towels in a dry cooler for up to 5 hours. Here is Bear's step by step for Pulled pork and he has the same kind of smoker you do.

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Yes, time is a cooks best friend , use it wisely...

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Good advice Oldschool



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