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I am on an adventure to smoke meat when I visit my wife's family in Guatemala this December.  Here is a link to another thread where I seek info on building a smoker down there... 


In her home town, the meat is brought to a market and killed minutes before you buy it.  It is the strangest feeling to get home from buying a rib roast, getting it ready with a seasoning, touch it and find out it is about 80F.  So used to refrigerated meat it throws you for a few seconds.


OK Here is my question:  When using very freshly killed meat for smoking, how does the fact that the meat may be 80 - 90 degrees already affect the smoking process beyond time?  In other words, will the meat not be as tender?  Will the meat be at a higher risk of contamination?  


To refrigerate overnight for a rub or a marinade might be possible, but not very likely.  Most likely I would buy the meat that morning (6 Am) and get it on the smoker as fast as possible for a 12 smoke.


Anyone kill, butcher and smoke in one day?  


Thanks in advance.