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Grilled Pork Spiedies

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I had purchased some boneless CSR's from Costco to use some in my recent batch of Slim Jims leaving me with 3 big pieces not earmarked for anything but I knew there was a recipe on my 'to-do' list for these that looked perfect to use them up with. Thanks to Pops for posting up but I did leave the mint out. I gave them a 2 day marinade in a zip-lock baggie and they sure took on the marinade flavor and turned out to be a very decent meal with a 'thumbs up' from the GF and a 'you can make these again' statement. Can't argue with, not a lot of que view but there's not much to the process. Kept it simple with a tater salad side dish. Here is the original link for the formula.....Willie


in da bag



outta da bag


ready to go

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Those look marvelous , Willie . Now they are on MY to-do list . . .

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