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Knock-off Thermopen $10.18 w/Prime

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Knock off Thermapen for cheap.…/…/ref=sr_1_1…

Use code THERMO51 to get it for 10.18.


Just ordered one!

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To bad I just bought a thermowand.

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Let me know how it works. I have been unwilling to spend the money for a thermapen (even though I really want one).


That one says 4 seconds which is not as fast as a thermapen but is probably still fast enough.

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The way I see it it's the difference between 3 seconds and 4. With the thermopen coming in at almost $100, I ain't complaining about that 1 second. 


I looked through the reviews and they are pretty darn positive. I'm definitely looking forward to getting it and giving it a go.

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Well at that price it is worth trying so I just ordered it (and with Prime I can always return it).


Thanks @rgautheir20420 for the tip.

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Absolutely! I'm cheap...and still wouldn't spring for the $25 ones that everyone posted about before. I can do $10 :rotflmao:

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Thanks for the tip.  Just ordered 2 so I can have an extra one out in my shop where I do my smoking.  Now I don't need to run to the kitchen yelling for the Thermapen.    Hopefully it is  close to being as accurate as the pen.   The extra one for a neighbor.

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Craig, glad you got in on it. From the reviews I was reading it was within 1 degree of the thermopen that it was tested against for those customers.

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Whats wrong with the Weber 6492 for $10?


Edit: NM, I saw the readout times of the Weber.

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Seen that a few weeks ago and figured it might be worth i just might!

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I just snagged one for myself.

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Glad to hear guys!

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Too bad you can only use the code once...

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I ended up getting one of these.  Did the boil test (stuck it into an electric kettle with boiling water).  It takes a couple of seconds to read, maybe 5-6 seconds.  The temp read 215F which isnt too bad.  However, it feels really cheap.  I'm sure if you drop it off the side of your grill it's going to shatter or stop working.


All in all, does the job but probably worth $10. 

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I used mine while smoking this weekend. Temps were pretty darn close and the times were fast. I am happy with the $10 investment but now that the sale is over I probably would not spend $20 for it.

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I got one of these and used it last night. Did chicken breasts. All cooked to 165 IT and perfect. Love this tool...

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I made some burgers on the weekend.  The grill must have been too hot because the probe said they were done and it have only been like 5-10 minutes.  I cut one open and bam, they were ready.  I would not have noticed if it wasnt for this gizmo.  We had guests so it saved my butt.   Good tool to have for $10, but its VERY cheaply made.  If I drop it, it's done. 

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Promo code expired..

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