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Nobody is responding to my craigslist inquiries. The only part that sounds horrible about the project is all that sanding. I would love to have it sand blasted. Seems like it would be worth the money.
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Thanks, bregent. I will check out that other PID. I recently started to supplement with a tube smoker, but I think it escapes a bit too easily from the jr and doesn't permeate as well as I would like. I tried blocking off one of the exhausts. Starting at 180 is something I have done with the Traeger since calling their tech support years ago, but I often have severe temp swings as it cycles at this temp. Maybe sealing up some of the traeger leaks would help everything.

Timberjet, I think I have found a source of barrels for $20. I am pretty tempted if I can build one in the 150-200 range.

You will never regret it. Mine cost about 150 bucks to build and I used the expensive weber hinged grates which I would totally suggest. If you get an unlined drum, drill your intakes and burn it out with a whole pallet and there won't be much sanding to do. You can just wash it out with a steel scrubber and some ajax and season, then paint the outside. If you get it sandblasted see about powdercoating the outside. I think dirtsailor had his powder coated if I remember correctly.

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I had some luck with the Traeger this weekend.  I added a few bricks, wrapped in foil, under the heat deflector/drip pan, to act as a heat sink.  The temps held a lot better than before.  It was a warm day, but I've had plenty of warm days in the past.  I cooked some spares at 180 for 6 hours and 225 for 2 hours.  I'd intended on doing the foil wrap, but I got home late from Costco, aka the $300 store (UGH! So crowded.)  I decided to skip the wrap and just let them ride.  The results were good enough that I'm going to try and work on sealing up the door leaks to see if that makes it even better.  


I did have a little trouble with my AMNTS, it was spewing out some thick white smoke.  I wonder if I got it burning too well.  I shook it a little and it started producing some better smoke, but it didn't last too long.  


Some pics, since it's polite.  I used a texas style rub a la Aaron Franklin.  I love his YouTube show.  I didn't use any sauce and no sugar in the rub, all the sweetness came from the smoke and spritz.  


IMG_1750.JPG 1,009k .JPG file

IMG_1745.JPG 1,541k .JPG file


I'm still interested in the UDS build, but I'm glad the Traeger might still see use for smaller cooks.  I do like it for tri-tip.  It also makes a beautiful pernil(if a bit dryer than my normal methods, hope to fix that).  

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