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Smoked Meatballs Qview

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Since Ms. Duke was making homemade cheese ravioli and I had nothing on a WSM that was still warm after the morning's fatty smoke, I decided to try meatballs to go with dinner. 

I used The Pioneer Woman's spaghetti and meatballs recipe and ignored the spaghetti. I've done these once before with pasta and it turned out great, so this time instead of frying them and cooking them in sauce, they went in the WSM at 200-220 for a couple hours with hickory and apple.


Turned out good, even with the alfredo sauce!






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Nooice!!! ( nice )
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Very nice!!!
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Looks like a tasty meal Duke !
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What a great way to get that smoked food fix fast!

This is on my list as well. Love the simplicity.
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Wow, great looking meatballs! Nice job.
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Good looking balls...just tried them myself for the first time.

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Once you smoke meatballs there is no other way. Nice job. I just love them.

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Nice . . .

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Thanks guys... wouldn't have them any other way now. Sealed the rest up for another dinner one night :icon_mrgreen:

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Ah, smoked meatballs, sounds interesting. I may have to give those a try......



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