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Did not know you have had the unit since February of 2014. That would probably be different as far as the warranty is concerned. Glad the unit is running correctly now. It should run plenty hot enough to smoke in the winter up there. The Low temperature is a common problem for a lot of the less expensive propane smokers. Happy smoking.



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So far I've done a whole chicken and turkey parts in the 38. Everything has come out nice and it holds temps well. Currently, making 3 racks of mostly untrimmed, but de-membraned spares for the holiday. They all fit, but very, very, tight on the ends. The one grate that has 2 on it, and they are pretty tight with a 1 inch gap between them. Next time I'll definitely at least trim back the one end for length to get  a better fit.

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I have had a 38 for many years now and it has served me quite well. The only mods I made to it were e the needle valve and mailbox for cold smoking and it has more than served its purpose and I have made pretty much everything in it. The only reason I upgraded is because I built my own due to access to a lot of stainless steel sheet metal.

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Thanks. We had some decent wind the other day, and it was a major pain keeping it from blowing out, my only problem with it so far. Do you think the needle valve would help with that?

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Mine used to blow out from time to time so I built a wind block for it and it solved my problems.



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Originally Posted by SlySmoke View Post

Best of luck with the 38, mine has been getting quite the workout since I got it in September.

A few things I did to mine:

Added gasket to the doors, (It leaked quite a bit), I used this -

Tossed the chip pan in favor of a cast iron skillet for using chunks - note the supports for the chip tray were not quite up to the weight of the skillet, luckily I had an elevated cast grate from my grill side burner that fit perfectly.

Filled the water pan with sand and wrapped in foil.

Did the needle valve mod. The factory knob has a bit of play, at least mine did. I can dial it in within 5 degrees or so by just tapping the factory knob, but if I want to be overly precise I fine tune it with the needle valve.

Converted to natural gas, because I have a line right where the 38 sits on the deck.

Looking forward to seeing some Q-View from the 38 when you get it going!
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