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0.85% sodium nitrite
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Originally Posted by allanyork View Post

What does it say at the bottom..........................


Now that you know what the nitrite amount is you can calculate how much is needed to be added to the liquid and the meat. 

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Lol you are joking right?
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There has been quite a discussion on here about curing, lots of good info. Read through the threads and you will understand. It is very critical that you do not use TOO MUCH  or TOO LITTLE




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OK so if I have .85% sodium nitrite with 1 tablespoon of this cure I have .85 grams of sodium nitrite in the batch. So is that too much for 2 lbs???
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Did you weigh it? How do you know 1tbsp equals 1 gram?
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I use Hi Mtn dry cure for jerky sometimes, in fact just done some last weekend ! It says in the instructions...

Dry cure, use for 2 lbs of whole muscle meat.....

1 tbsp & 1 tsp of included cure !
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This is why its difficult to get this stuff!

I'd usually say give it to the dog but why punish him? Dude throw it away and start over!!!!
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1075x200 = 215,000




0.215/0.0085=25.29 grams of cure

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Are you trying to tell me I put in 25 grams of cure? Or I need 25 grams of cure. Lol I can't help but laugh at you guys
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They were trying to help you out ! If you don't like the info given, then seek help elsewhere. What other forum would try to do calculations for you to try to help ? Just saying !
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I believe the folks have provided the best advice they have. As with any transaction, if the advice is taken or not is the choice of the requestor.
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Allan you are talking to folks here that have been curing and making jerky and sausage for many years . They know what they are talking about. If you want to risk poisoning your self or others that is entirely up to you . But The advice you have been given is spot on. Toss the meat chalk it up to a lesson and read up on curing before you try again.

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Hi everyone :-) this is Allan's wife, I'm trying to understand this too so bare with me because I'm not as educated as you all in curing! My question is this - if a package of cure indicates 1 tbsp of cure per 2 lbs of meat, and this is the instruction followed, with only the addition of water and spices, how can this be unsafe? If only water and spices were added and he used the amount of cure the package instructed would the cure not be diluted then? Thanks all!
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You didn't follow instructions. you added water.. dry curing and brine curing use different amounts of cure.... you have to look at safe levels of nitrite for each process.

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PM me!
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(This is still allans wife)--OK so dry curing and brining (which I'm guessing brining is what he did since he added water) require different amount of cure, so I understand the concern for safe handling and following instruction. So, out of curiousity I'm just wondering, in the process of dry curing and brining, generally speaking do you usually require more cure when brining or less? I saw the post about weight of water and such, but can you dumb it down for me please? Lol. (Ps-dont worry I'm going to make sure he throws it out) thanks again! Just trying to wrap my head around it too! I appreciate the responses! :-)
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thanks dig.... dig is one of our curing experts

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Solved by diggingdogfarm. Thanks a lot!!!
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