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Smoke Turkey Breast with tough Leathery skin

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I am new to smoking. I have a MES and so far am getting very nice results. I am carefully following the instructions and recipes on this forum and in the book. I did my first Turkey breast. It was small -- about 4 1/2 pounds (just my wife and I). I brined it for 14 hours, Put on a commercial rub and cooked it at 425 for about 5 hours until it was 164. I used Jeff's Apple butter mop spayed ever 45 minutes or so. Mix of 50-50 Pecan and Cherry. The meat was juicy and flavorful. Lots of smoke flavor but the skin was tough and leather. I know the skin in an Electric smoker is an issue but I would have expected more soft than tough and leathery. Am I doing something wrong or is that just the way it is? Thanks in advance.

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What temp did ya smoke it at, ya state 425* but my MES will go to 275* ! That being said, if ya want a crispier skin... I'd suggest not mopping & after the bird is prepped let it sit in the fridge at least over nite for the skin to dry out. Ya can also pull it a few degrees before done & toss it on a hot grill to crisp the skin up a little more as well ! Doesn't take long !

Other than that suggestion, everything else sounds great ! Glad the flavor turned out for ya, brining a bird is a great way to go !
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i smoke any kind of poultry meat on my masterbuilt smoker and the skin never turns leathery. i did a 25lb turkey last thanksgiving for 6+ hours and turn out great! I think you might be smoking the poultry at too high of a temp. whenever i smoke poultry i always smoke at 275. and the skin is nice and tender!

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Bubba96: is 225* to low for chic breast? Masterbuilt propane smoker
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Sorry that is a typo. It should be 225 degree NOT 425

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I've got a MES 30 and just did a whole turkey. Brined, set in fridge uncovered overnight, smoked at 275(actual 260-280) and the skin still didn't crisp like I was hoping, but it was tender, not leathery. Maybe 225 was too low. I think to get crisp skin with a MES you have to sear it on a hot grill after smoking.

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i smoke chicken  breast at 250

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OK. I will try a little bit higher next time. I was just going by what I read. Thanks for the help.

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no problem!

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I , too was skeptical of the 425^F in an Watt Burner . And , yes , grill a bit before serving . . . 

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