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Polish Beef Sticks

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I had a bag of Curley's Polish sausage seasoning, enough for 10 pounds.  Needed some beef sticks for the neighbor, so that's what I used along with some add on's.  Here is what I used:


1 bag of Curley's Polish sausage seasoning [enough for 10 pounds].


2 tsp of cure #1


2 T mustard seeds


2 T diced garlic [from the jar]


2 cups dry powdered milk


2 3/4 cups water


10 pounds of 80/20 ground beef


collagen casings


Put the powdered milk over the ground beef.  Mixed the rest of the ingredients in the water and mixed well.  Then I set the mix over night in the fridge.  Next day I stuffed the sticks and set them on my smoker racks.  Fired up the AMPS with my propane torch and set the AMPS in the bottom of the smoker.  It worked awesome.  I used Cherry pellets.  Let the smoke love on the sticks for 4 hours and then turned on the smoker to 130 and adjusted the temps upward per hour until 180 until I got an internal of 160.  I didn't give the sticks a bath and just let them sit on the counter to cool off.  Here are some pics:


All mixed up and after having spent the night melding it's ready to stuff.


I put the smoker rack right next to the stuffing tube so all the links are pretty close to being the same.


AMPS is performing very well.


Sticks are cooling in the kitchen.


The sticks ended up like this and tasted very good.  The neighbor was happy. I don't make sticks often but I think it's time I make some for our family as well.  I normally make them for deer camp for sure.  Thanks for lookin.  Reinhard

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Beautiful Sticks, Reinhard !!!:drool


Nice Job!!Thumbs Up---------------------------------:points:


Look Mighty Tasty!!:drool




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TastybLooking Sticks! Nice Smoke!
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Mighty fine looking sticks. Curleys has some good mixes.


I'm finding in my old lazy self that its easier to use a premix than my own. easier and less hassle getting everything together.

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Looks like some tasty sticks Reinhard!

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Very nice.

Hows the tube work in your MES?
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Thanks everyone!!!. Nepas, I agree with you.  I have used at home recipe's for years.  Then I found a local supplier with pre-made seasonings.  I just ordered a few to try out and they were great. Of course as usual, I used them as a base because I always add stuff to it.  Can't help myself.  Garlic is a must in just about everything I make for example.  Also powdered milk is mandatory.  Then the owner of that supplier decided to retire and it closed down.  I went with Curley's and so far I've been happy.  


Farmer, I have the 12 inch AMPS.  FIts the 30 perfect.  The only problem I had is that I put all 4 racks with sticks in the smoker..  The AMPS put out some heat of course where I set it, so it did start to cook the ends of the sticks near it..  That's my bad, so next time I will only use 3 racks with full racks and the fourth will be loaded only half way, away from the AMPS.  I'm very happy with it.  Reinhard

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I heard the tube puts out too much smoke for a mes, that's all.
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They have smaller sizes.  I did not need the full load, so the smaller size would have been just fine.  I think it's not too much smoke, it's more like how much smoke you need and that can be adjusted. You can pull the AMPS once you get the color and tap out the ashes, and save the pellets left for next time, or just get a smaller tube. Reinhard

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Thanks. I have a tube I might try.
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Nice job, looks great   points1.png




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RH, nice looking stix!!!!:points:

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That looks awesome !
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Thanks again everyone!!!  Next time I'm going to put some high temp cheddar cheese in the mix.  Grandkids requested cheese.  Reinhard

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Reinhard nice job 



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Nice looking sticks. Thumbs Up

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Great looking sausage!



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