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Popularity of smoked chicken?

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Come to think of it, I'm not sure if I've tried it before.  How come one doesnt find it served more in restaurants/stores?  Am I missing something?  I would think poultry dries out when smoked.  Is this the case?  I would really enjoy trying a turkey for Thanksgiving (maybe 13lbs).  What does it taste like?  Just curious to hear everyone's thoughts. 

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Oh talking about turkey, can it be done in a MES 30?  Maybe a 13-17lber?  Doable in the 30 or does one need the 40"?

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You just not be going to the right BBQ joints! All the ones I go to offer smoked poultry on their menus!

When smoked properly poultry comes out now cr and moist.

Yes you can do a small turkey in a MES 30
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I just did a 12# turkey for Easter in my MES 30. It almost filled the rack left to right but still had a little more room. 13# should fit, wouldn't go any bigger. And it turned out fantastic! Used my new AMZNPS with pitmasters choice pellets-best smoke flavor I've tasted anywhere! Very moist and tender too, just make sure you have good therm probes so you don't overcook it. Try it before Thanksgiving so know you have it locked in-not good to experiment on a big occasion! Enjoy, David.

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On the MES 30, I'd do a few chickens first, get that under your belt... I'd rub down with peanut oil or EVOO... Lift up the skin on the breast with a spoon & put a pat or two of butter under there.... Sprinkle your rub & smoke at round 250-275* ! It won't be dry if ya smoke to 165*IT in the breast !

Then after a few chickens, then do your turkey !

Just my 2 pennies !
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Sweet, looking forward to it.  This forums is great BTW.  So many people online.  Who knew.  Im so glad to have found my new hobby!

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Good advice above-start with chickens!

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Can you smoke a chicken with stuffing in it?  I fricken love my wife's stuffing.  Gorge myself on it every time.  Do you put stuffing in afterwards or can you put it in at the start of the smoke?

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From what I've seen it's not recommended. Stuffing won't cook thru without drying out the bird.

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