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Dust or Pellets?

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Is there much of a difference between using dust or pellets?  I have a MES 30"

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Can't comment on the dust because I've never used it but I love the 18" Amazn tube which is good for 6 plus hours of smoke with no monitoring required.
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How's the tube work exactly?
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Ya fill up the tube with pellets & torch it, that's pretty well it.... There's a guide on how to use & lite it on Amazens site ! What's your altitude ? This does make a difference !
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I have the AMZNPS and have only used pellets so far. But if you go on the AMZN website, you'll find info and instructions for all their products. It really helped me with my decision.

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Reason I asked on altitude is I live at just shy of 5,000 ft. & had no luck with pellets in the AMNPS... The tube with pellets is suggested for my altitude ! Then I tried some dust (thanks c farmer) in the AMNPS for my Buckboard Bacon & it worked great ! Smoked some cheese this last weekend with some dust & worked great again !
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I live in Ohio so no altitude issues here. I will be ordering the amnps tomorrow! Thanks everyone!
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Alright, good luck ! Let us know if we can be of any more help !
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