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Hot Links and Kielbasa Again

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Hot Links and Kielbasa were a big hit. # 2 son has a birthday tomorrow, and asked if I would make more hot links so I made a big batch and some Kielbasa to boot


No Step by Step  just some pictures.












13 packages of Hot Links  5 packages of Kielbasa

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Looks great, Gary.

Thats a big batch.
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Yeah I got carried away. No more 20 # batches  

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Or you can start shipping! Great looking sausages!
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Dang it Gary nice job!!!! you my friend i bet is one tired smoker BUT


A full smoker is a happy smoker and I bet you are happy!!!!! ( or could your #2 son be happy tomorrow:biggrin:


Tell him happy happy happy b-day  



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Lookin great Gary, now that's a smoker full of good stuff if I've ever seen one ! That'll be a great gift to your boy, you all enjoy the day... And just a side note---- if by chance it all doesn't get eaten... I'd be happy to help ! I'll just p.m. ya my address ! biggrin.gif
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Thanks Guys, I really appreciate it



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Gary, Man that's a lot of sausage. Sure looks great. I'm sure everyone will enjoy it at the birthday tomorrow. Joe:points:
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looks great gary....................... did you add some pork to it his time

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No not this time, All Beef again. But next time I'll probably go all Pork



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