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Kabanosy Time

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Had some ground pork in the freezer so i did some Kabanosy.


I mixed 3 times in a 72 hour period before stuffing and smoking.


Here is the mixing stages. I will skip a one



This shot is after the 3rd mix.



Mixed by hand before stuffing.



Ready to stuff into sheep casings.




Leaving coiled.





Cover with a damp towel and in the fridge. Next day hang at room temp before smoking.



Smoking on the smoke sticks. Using hickory in the Amznps




Little while later, Smoked kabanosy. Nice day out so i'm blooming outside.



Now put in fridge for couple days before slicing.




Taste is great. Now cut into random lengths and paper bag and fridge before vac sealing.



Thanks for looking

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Very nice Rick ! icon14.gif. Hope your doing well !

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Originally Posted by WaterinHoleBrew View Post

Very nice Rick ! icon14.gif. Hope your doing well !




Doing much better.

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Nice K Rick...... Thumbs Up

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Nepas, Great looking Kabs ! Its become my favorite snack stick.:points:

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Looks awesome as always.  I knew you would be eating right when you got better! Glad to hear it.:beercheer:

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Those look great. :points:

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Looks great nice job Nepas



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Vac sealed and ready for where ever they need to go...Baaahahaha


I use a Vacmaster pro260


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Thanks everyone


I'm still figuring out the MES. I think it needs a fan or some sort of heat deflector. Heat is higher over the element like normal.

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Rick they look great, weather getting better here so pretty soon,I will be doing some sausage.



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Looks incredibly tasty.



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Wow. Looks great.

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