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Spare Ribs with Q-View

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Its been awhile since I fired up the Masterbuilt so decided on some spare ribs to share with some friends. Found spares for $1.98/Lb. not a bad price.

Decided to try my hand at trimming them St. Louis style, learned that I'm not a butcher!

Trimmed ready for rub.

Rubbed with Jeff's Rub and into the fridge until this morning.

3 hours in, smoking between 225* & 235*. Time to foil.

More when they're done!
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Looks really good to me. I think you got those puppies trimmed up pretty darn good.

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Thanks Timber. I may need to invest in a better knife at some point, but the one I had worked OK.
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They look good to me as well!drool.gif
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Well, the friends liked the ribs. I am pleased how they came out. Hickory and cherry chunks for the smoke.

Just about ready to pull out of the smoker.

Ready to serve em up!

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Nice ribs................Thumbs Up





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They look great. Lovely colour. If there are any left send them over Thumbs Up

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Great looking ribs and wonderful color. You might need a new knife, but you sure don't need to change anything about those ribs. Joe
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Ribs look great, Fantastic color   well done !!!    points1.png

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Thanks for the great comments all. Only a few leftover from 3 racks, not bad.
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I am sorry but I don't understand? What is meant by "left over"? It is not a concept I have come across before...:biggrin:

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I'm with wade on that! I love smoked stuff so much that the midnight snack usually just can't be helped. Even if I am sleep walking, snacking.

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My buddies and I did our best, but our wives did not keep up with us thus a couple left over! No worries though, they'll be gone soon!

Oh, and smoking some rib tips now
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Great looking ribs, nice qview, great post!





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Those look delicious! And the trimming is top notch! Great smoke!
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Awesome job. Gotta love ribs man and your looked super tasty. Nicely done.

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Picture perfect batch of ribs. Nice post.

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