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LOL.... believe it or not, you'll no doubt soon have one if ya keep hanging out around here.


Starts with the pit/smoker, next its the project reefer to hold your meats, then you get tired of Ziploc bags allowing your meats to freezer burn, then it will be bacon with which comes the slicer, you start thinking how nice it would be to have it all in one place. Then you've gotta have a sink, then its water. Once ya get water you'll decide how nice it will be to have a bathroom so you don't have to go insyde tracking up Momma's house. Then comes that next freezer. Heck we didn't even talk sausage making. Then the race is own. Remember whoever has the must stuff wins when you get to the pearly gates. LOL


Ya know I would have thought so also, but I wore shorts and I didn't splatter at all. I woulda noticed too! ROFLMAO

Kevi your a pizzer