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Easter ABTs

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So I started a new family tradition of Easter ABTS, heres the goodies

Added some sweet peppers for color like Easter eggs ?

Colby jack cheese and cream cheese

Added some marinated grilled chicken

Heres' a prep shot

All done and headed for the smoker

About 3 hours @225* with the AMNPS loaded with pecan pellets, some were missing ?? before I remembered the money shot ! :icon_smile:

They were a nice app before the real meal , thanks for looking  CM

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Nice lookin ABT's CM ! I could eat them everyday ! icon14.gif
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Those look tasty nice work!drool.gif
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Tasty looking ABT's!
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They look great
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Nice looking ABTs! Love the sweet peppers for color! :Looks-Great:

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I love ABT's and those look really good. The piece of chicken was a great addition.

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Missed most Easter post due to Boiler repair sorry for being late. CM they look great!

:points:Thumbs Up

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Hey CM. Thanks for reminding me I need to make some ABT's. Yours look great!



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