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chicken with a new rub

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have not been on this site for a while, i though it was time to try something new. so here it is. had to put some dogs on while the chicken was smoking, and tried some pineapple wrapped in bacon.





so here is the rub, i rubbed down the chix with this tropical blend, rub was very tastee, but it had some yellow dye or something in it, it turned the chicken a yellowish .        tint to the outside of the bird. so i wrapped some pineapple with bacon.had to do the giblets to they are good

to me. so i got my smoker up to temp with some hickory and cherry mix.

                                                                                                     got it all loaded up.

here it is   ALL SMOKED UP......

overall the chicken was good, but could not get over the dye in the rub.

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I noticed that brand of spices at the Winn Dixie when I was in Georgia last week. Great prices! They did have jars of what appeared to be yellow powdered food coloring. Maybe that's a thing in their cuisine? Dunno but that might explain the yellow in the spice blend.
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tumeric will turn everything very yellow 

hopefully it was that and not a chemical

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the chicken was pretty darn good, even though it had a yellowish tint from the rub.

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i bought the rub at food lion in amelia virginia, i did not know that winn dixie sold that. i am a georgia boy, and have not seen a winn dixie in a long time. but i know that they are still around.


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Looks good. I drive through Amelia everyday.
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should off come by. had a beer and we would off throwed some ribs on the smoker and shot some bull.

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