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First timer

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Hello all.  I just got my Bradley 4-rack electric smoker and cover, but haven't fired it up yet.  Still have to buy or build something to support it at a comfortable height on the back deck.  Any ideas?


I confess to throwing a handful of hickory chips on to the infra red reflector in the gas grill under some pork butt chunks now and then.  It works sometimes, sometimes not.  I think the control with the Bradley will let me get better and reproducible results.  I have ordered The Book, downloaded the rub and sauce recipes, and have the Maverick dual probe thermometer.


My main reason for getting a real smoker is to make smoked kielbasa.  I make a serious fresh version, and want to put together some real smoked, natural casing rings.  Most of the store-bought stuff is awful. Of course, ribs and brisket are also on the list, and maybe some fish.


I live in Clifton Park, NY, long retired, widowed, and live alone.  I do all my own cooking, have no more pets, and do some serious woodworking, mostly Adirondack guide boats.  Recently was detoured to building banjoes.  Finishing up my third, and last, so I can get back to boat building.  I can't play banjo, but am learning.  I much prefer my fiddle.


Enough about me.  I will be sure to lurk, and post with questions.

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texas.gif  Good afternoon and welcome to the forum, from a cool and rainy day here in East Texas. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.



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Welcome to SMF! welcome.gif
We're glad to have you here. The search bar at the top is your best friend. This forum has been around for over ten years, so there is a good chance that any questions you may have, have already been answered (they may have 10 different answers, but you'll get an instant response non the less).
Please be sure to post your smokes along with your process and recipes. We will be glad to help you along the way and we may also learn something new ourselves in the process. Also, don't forget the very important Q view! (We're mad for pics on here 😁)
Always remember to have fun because it's not fun if you have to work at it. Thanks for joining,
- Ryan
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