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Jeff's Double Smoked Ham

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Hi Everyone!!!


This is my first time trying Jeff's rub and sauce recipe. So I decided to try it out on his Double Smoked Ham recipe. We ended up getting a spiral cut ham. Next time, I will get a ham that is not cut. The ham slices started falling apart while putting on the rub.



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BC04, It  looks good !!

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Here is the finished product. It taste amazing!!! Better than a Honey Baked.



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Thanks for the recipe Jeff!!!

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Looks like it's tasty!
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Looks great! I too followed Jeff's recipe and was very pleased with the results!

The final product! Double Smoked Easter Ham.


I also think I will look for a ham that is NOT spiral cut for next time. I think I would prefer to make my own slices.

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Jeff's Double Smoked Ham is unbelievable!

I used Sweet Baby Ray's in place of Jeff's sauce, but I followed the rest of the recipe to a T.


Did a 16 pound Double G smoked bone-in ham.

Smoked it for a little over 6 hours and internal temp of 140.


Took the bone and some leftover meat and my wife made bean soup.

The smokey flavor still came though in the soup.


It was the best Ham I have ever had.

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You can't beat a double smoked ham! You just have to watch out you don't dry it out. We take ours out at 138 IT & let it rest for about 1 hour. The carryover cook brings it up to 145.

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No way I could look at that thing and wait an hour!:drool 


Let ours rest about 15 minutes, and I still had to grab a few tidbits.


When you do the 'grid' slicing to score it, it creates these lovely little chunks of meat and skin that you can munch on.


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Awesome hams! I thought I was "hammed out" but getting the itch again!

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