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pork shoulder

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Ive been getting great info fro this site for a couple years now. I just joined and this is my first post.


Ive been using a propane master forge (or something) smoker for a couple years. I recently decided to upgrade. I have a MES 30 headed my way on a UPS truck. Now my question:


I got a deal on a 20 pound pork shoulder. I don't think I will have a problem fitting it in the smoker but is this to big of a piece of meat for the MES 30  ?   I started second guessing if the MES can handle it.  I plan on smoking it next weekend.

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It is probably too big. 20 lbs is most likely the whole shoulder. You can split it into the picnic (lower leg) and butt (upper shoulder) and then it will fit fine.
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Thanks! that's what I will do.

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