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First rack of the year

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Cooked on a WSM 18.5 and seasoned with Checkered Pig rub and sauce. Turned out quite well I think!
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Dude, you gotta give us more than that! Times, temps, flavor wood, what sauce...

We want all the details!
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LOL you got it! I used Smithfield spareribs that I trimmed down to SLC. I used Kingsford Competition briquettes with 2 chunks of apple and 1 chunk of cherry. I also did a rack of baby backs. Here's a pic of them still in the cryovac. I couldn't believe I was able to get the spares for $7.17!!!
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I Used Simply Marvelous cherry rub on the bb. I used Checkered Pig's rub on the spares. Mustard was applied as a tacking agent. Btw, Checkered Pig is a local (to me) team and restaurant that came in 4th last year in the overall KCBS national rankings!
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My smoker fluctated between 230 and 260 during the cook. After about 3 hours I wrapped them in foil with dark brown sugar, butter, honey, apple slices with a dusting of cinnamon, and a splash of apple juice for about 2 hours. They were done after that. I took them back out of the foil and put on a light coat of Checkered Pig's grilling sauce on the spares and Jack Daniels Original cut with some honey on the bb.
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