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water or no water?

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I am going to smoke the prime rib thats in the smoking meat book should i use a water pan? soak the chips? It doesn't say in the book also how long for a 10 pounder?

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Most don't use water try it wet one time dry the next see for yourself it's best to try small changes while learning your preferences. Take a rack of ribs for example foil half go naked the other half experimenting is half the fun. Don't soak wood you want it to smoke not steam. If you have problems ask questions someone will most likely have an answer. Don't forget the qview(pics) and keep a log of what you do so you can replicate your success and avoid failures as much as possible,good luck!
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b-one is right on the money. No water and don't soak chips. The best advice I ever recieved (and I believe it was from dirt sailor, but I'm not 100% certain so I apologize if it was not him) was to make a small change, wait 15 minutes, see how that change affected the smoker, make another small change and wait 15 more minutes. You will complete this step as many times as it takes until you get the smoker working right for you. Patience is key. Good luck my friend.
- Ryan
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thanks for the advice don't want to screw up this 100.00 dollar hunk of meat my wife will make me sleep in the truck. Ah hell it wouln't be the first timeĀ 

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thanks for the advice

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I only used a water pan one time. It became a mess and was just a pain to deal with. I mostly smoke in a UDS but even when I use my vertical propane, I don't use water.

Ditto on thee chips, don't soak.

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I personally use water, more for temperature regulation I suppose. I do not soak chips as some of the regulars will tell you it can impart an acrid flavor.
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No soaking the chips. I start with a layer of fine chips and than a layer of larger chips. The smaller chips start smoking in just a couple of minutes and they also help get the larger chips going.

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