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Chicken Breast - Weber Q

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After the fatties I smoked up this morning came with mixed reviews from the family, I decided to stick with a more kid friendly entree for dinner and did some Breasts on the Q.
Normally, I do Breasts over direct medium for about 8-10 minutes depending on thickness, but the only ones I had thawed were a bit too thick for grilling. I had no intention of grilling them when I bought them, so to counter that, I cut them in half and pounded them down a little flatter.
As I always do, I coated them in EVOO and my homemade rub and grilled them over direct medium heat. The three smaller pieces were done in 15 minutes and the larger one was done in 17 minutes.
Chicken turned out to be a much bigger hit with the kids than the fatty did at lunch.

Recently renovated Weber Q100

Chicken grilled to 165 IT

My plate

- Ryan
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That looks Marvelous , from here . . .  good  post , thanks for the Narration :439:


What renovations did you do :icon_question:   :confused: Some one else may need to operate on theirs . :cool:

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Oldschool, when I receive this grill it was headed to the dump. It's a 2008 model Q100. The old man who owned it cooked on it regularly and never cleaned it. It reminded me of the Bundy burgers.
If you remember Al Bundy, he only clean his grill once a year on July 5th. So every year on July 4th he brought his neighbors over for a barbecue and everyone said that he had the best tasting burgers. Everyone always ask him what made his burger taste so good and one year he finally told them. Needless to say, I don't believe anyone ever ate at Bundy burger again.
Nonetheless, this grill was in rough shape. Luckily for me, I found a replacement weber brand grate and a replacement weber brand burner on Amazon at a very reasonable price. After pressure washing and scrubbing the crap out of it I was finally able to grill on it. Last year I added the stand and the hose adapter for the 20 pound tank. This year I added the side tables I sanded down the top and painted it with Hemi Orange hi-temp enamel engine paint and added the thermostat.
She's like a brand-new grill that is sure to last me for many years to come. The funny thing is, the old man who owned it before me never registered it. So when I received it I registered it with Weber and actually got the ten year warranty that came with it new.
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