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Smoked cheese

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Nice day here in Minnesota today so I thought I'd try cold smoking some cheese. My MES 30 won't go below 100 so I thought I would try one of my old gas grills. As you can see it's rather crude but when a smoker gets it in there head they want something, well you do what ya gotta do. Lit one burner and had on low but it got over 100 so I thought maybe with the sun shining bright beating down on the black cover and my A-MAZE-N pellet box smoldering it would be enough to cold smoke. Sure enough it stayed between 68-75 for 3 hours at which time I took the cheese off. I put it in the fridge but after about an hour I couldn't take it. Must have got lucky cause it's pretty darn good for my first attempt at cold smoke. Looks like I'm one block short now. Hid the other three in the bottom of the fridge. I'm now officially hooked.
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Why did you light the burner? You don't need any heat for smoking cheese. All you need is smoke.
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I'm new at it, but I figured it out. Also i posted pictures using my phone but they didn't come thru.

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