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Smoked Salmon preference?

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So with the upcoming holiday, I plan on smoking some salmon.  I've done this a few times in the past, and its always been a big hit.  The difference this time is that the weather tomorrow will be terrible for smoking.  So my thought was to smoke tonight, then serve it cold the next day as opposed to warm or fresh off the smoker (within hours say).


So does anyone have a preference and why?  Is there anything I should do differently for what I am proposing (putting the smoked fish in the fridge after smoking and serving cold)?

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Cold is fine if you are serving with cheese, cracker, on a salad, etc.

If it's a main course warm is better. If you need to reheat place a pan of water in your oven an the rack below the fish. Hear the oven as low as you can. Place the fish above I a tray and warm slowly.
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Ok thank you!  Its more of an app than anything else.  Not a main course, a leas not tomorrow hehe.

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Cold with cream cheese, capers and crackers.

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